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  • What is MediaCom?
  • What makes MediaCom the number one media agency?
  • What are media agencies?
  • What is a social media agency?
  • What makes MediaCom different as a global media agency?
  • I’m a potential client and want to know why I should use MediaCom as my media buying agency.
  • How big is MediaCom as a global media agency?
  • What’s special about MediaCom as a media agency network?
  • What is a media advertising agency?
  • How big is MediaCom amongst other global media companies?
  • What is a global media company?
  • Our Services

  • How is media planning different from media buying?
  • What is MediaCom’s approach to qualitative research?
  • Can you explain what media planning is?
  • What is communications planning and where does online media planning fit?
  • What does the Business Science unit do?
  • What is business science ? What is quantitative research?
  • I see the acronym ‘DM’ a lot. What does it mean?
  • How has media planning and buying changed over the years?
  • I sometimes see the word ‘qualitative’ as a stand-alone term. How is it related to ‘consumer insight’?
  • How does your research and consumer insight set MediaCom apart?
  • What does insight mean or refer to?
  • Is MediaCom skilled at researching consumer insight?
  • What’s the difference between insight and insight research?
  • What’s media buying and planning?
  • Our Results

  • I’ve heard the M&M Awards, Campaign Awards, and Festival of Media awards are all well respected. As the best media agency in the world, have you won any of these awards?
  • Have you won any M&M Awards?
  • Have you won any Campaign Awards?
  • Have you won any Festival of Media awards?
  • How can I tell who are the best global media agencies?